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Neptune’s mission is to be a total solution provider of broadband Internet services for airport travelers. Currently, Neptune provides high-speed Internet access to airport travelers using our patented access stations.

Neptune stations are located directly in the departure gate area providing travelers with a High-Speed, private Internet experience while comfortably seated waiting for their flight to board.

Neptune also provides Internet services to airline premier club lounges throughout the US (and one location in Canada) with various pricing plans.

Services to Airline clubs include wired or wireless Internet access, with optional printing, faxing and copying capabilities. Plans include free and pay-per-use services to club patrons.

Features Include
Individual High-Speed Internet stations that offer the following services:

High-Speed broadband Internet connection
High-speed laptop port (currently available only at stations in DFW airport)
Private, secure network with objectionable material filtering. Clears cache (history, cookies, etc.) after every session.
Large 15-inch displays, up to 19" available for clubs
Integrated cash bill acceptors
Credit card readers
Optional ADA compliant/Wheelchair accessible keyboards
24/7 Toll-free customer assistance
Payment Information
For kiosk use: Passengers pay $0.25/minute with a $3.00 minimum (12 minutes). Passengers can pay for the service using either cash or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover).
For laptop use: Passengers pay $7.95 a day and $19.95 for a month. 
Neptune also offers pre-paid cards, which offer passengers a discounted rate for the purchase of blocks of Internet access time.

Durable, patented departure gate Internet kiosk solution

Desktop solution for airline clubs

Remote monitoring and maintenance

Revenue opportunities for airports/airlines

Wireless capability

Detailed management reports

7 years of station and network operations experience

Management team with extensive airport and airline management experience, responding to your requirements and meeting your customers’ needs.

The unique design of Neptune’s Internet Access Station allows efficient and attractive placement in hold-rooms by occupying under 2.0 square feet of space and by allowing the traveler to use existing seating while accessing the Internet.


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